Black Friday in Ganja Mall!

During 23rd, 24th and 25th of November, Black Friday will be held for the first time in Ganja, by the pariticipation of  brands located in Ganja Mall.

Celebrated in many parts of the world, people run to stores, creating long lines to utilize from the  deals of their favourite brands. Thus, that day is considered as the busiest shopping day in USA.

What makes this day special?

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the last Thursday of November every year. The end of Thanksgiving is an unofficial start of shopping season. Thus, the day after Thanksgiving, is called Black Friday. People run to the stores to get the deals starting from 20%.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

Due the crowdness it caused, for the first time in 1975, that day was called Black Friday by journalists. However, later people started to associate that day with more positive colours such as Pink, as customers  get the best offers of the year in that day. That is why, it is not surprise that why people wait for that day to come impatiently.

How can you benefit from Black Friday?

For the first time, Black Friday is going to be held in Ganja. Famous brands located in Ganja Mall are going to offer the most affordable offers of the year during Black Friday. Deals belong to electronics, home and furniture, clothing and products from other catagory.  In order not to miss the special deals, visit Ganja Mall and stay up to date with our web and social media pages.