JYSK opens its doors to you!

In addition to the difficulties that the long quarantine period brings to our lives, we cannot deny that there are some qualities that we have acquired. During this time, we learned to spend time at home and with our families and to spend time with our loved ones and ourselves.

These days, when the hot summer days are at the door, it is the time to make the necessary innovations in our house to relax and work in a more comfortable way, to make us feel more comfortable. JYSK will be happy to help you to add a new atmosphere to your home with new collections and special discounts! 

Until May 25, you will be able to create a real outdoor recreation in your garden house and yard with up to 28% discounts on garden furniture. JYSK, which prefers recycling during production, also pays attention to protecting nature and the world while creating products that suit your taste.

At JYSK Ganja Mall, you will easily find everything you want for swings, cages, umbrellas, sofas, kitchen, office, in short, all the places where you will spend your time.

It is now possible to easily enter the store with the door open to the street and get acquainted with the opportunities offered!